Jean Carrau was born in the South West of France and showed a talent for painting and color at a very young age. His passion for décor led him to prestigious European schools such as “Ecole Blot” in Reims, France,  “Van der Kelen” in Brussels, Belgium and “Ecole du Louvre” in Paris, France, where he earned high rewards for his achievements.

Upon graduating with honors, Jean Carrau worked with Europe’s finest interior designers on projects in Europe and around the world. His exposure to refined and sophisticated interiors furthered his education in décor; during one of his assignments in New York City, Jean Carrau met his wife and partner Anita Babikian, and decided to open his own firm in the United States.

Jean Carrau’s interiors are immediately recognizable; clients will appreciate the painted walls, the soft passé color palette, the harmony of proportions, the fullness of drapes, the sense of luxury and comfort and most of all the attention to details.

Recent projects include work on a French-style home in Long Island, NY, an Italian- style mansion in Greenwich, CT, a Provencal- style house in Duluth, GA, a Mediterranean-style house in New Jersey, a modern model apartment in the city, and various rooms in residences throughout Westchester County where the firm is based.

Upon his first visit to the project site, and while getting to know his clients, Jean Carrau will rely on an existing architectural detail, a color left behind by previous owners, the fabric of a scarf worn by the client’s spouse on a rainy day or a story particular to the clients’ lifestyle to envision and create the finished rooms they had been dreaming of.

Where Jean will go for beauty and details, Anita will emphasize comfort and practicality. The main idea remains to create an ambiance.